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Visual Quill offers a wide range of services for authors and publishers that take your brand and make it memorable, meaningful and compelling. We help you stand out in a highly competitive marketplace with high-quality, innovative book trailers, book covers, websites and other marketing vehicles for authors of all genres.

Visual Quill is thrilled to announce three Silver W3 Awards for 2014. Congratulations to Gen LaGreca & Gerri Russell on your award-winning book trailers.

Visual Quill is a wonderful company to work with and I will continue to work with them on my future novel trailers.

Ashley Dukart, Author of Nothing More, Nothing Less

Everyone at Visual Quill made it clear from the beginning that they wanted to deliver a trailer I felt accurately presented the book. Keeping me posted as their concepts evolved, they were a joy to work with. I fell in love with this final concept as soon as I saw it.

Nancy Northcott, Author of Renegade

Working with the folks at Visual Quill was such a pleasure. They asked great questions and truly listened when I explained my series, the mood I hoped to capture, even what I hoped to avoid. I can't recommend Visual Quill highly enough. If you want a professional-looking book trailer that grabs readers, contact them!

Book trailers are almost a given these days, but not all publishers will fund them. How thrilled I was to discover Visual Quill! They not only put together a stunning video for me, but they did so extremely cost effectively by piecing together stills from my book. What’s more, they were a pleasure to work with. From the get-go, I had confidence that they understood my objectives and style, and they delivered to a tee in a very short period of time. I’ll definitely use them for the trailer for my next book.

Julia M. Usher, Author of Cookie Swap, Winner of Three Cordon d' Or Awards

Visual Quill designed the book cover of my dreams! The design team worked with me to make sure my cover truly represent the story. I highly recommend Visual Quill to any author looking for an original book cover. I would definitely use Visual Quill again.

Visual Quill is great to work with, and I adore the covers they've made for me. As a measure, there was a definite uptick in interest on Facebook when I posted the covers on my blog, and I had more than a few comments on how lovely the covers are. Thanks, Visual Quill!

It was such a thrill to learn about the services provided by Visual Quill. Authors today need to be extra savvy about promotion, particularly on the increasingly diverse multimedia front. It's not enough to do occasional book signings and hope for a snippet of a book review. The visual impact of a good book trailer is becoming de rigeur for authors, and most of us must corral our own resources to develop a trailer. Visual Quill made that process very easy, and produced a compelling book trailer that captured the character of Gourmet Game Night with jazzy style. I'm so pleased with the results!

Thanks for all the work you put into this. The video far exceeds my expectations, and I enjoyed being part of the process.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Visual Quill. You and your staff are highly professional, your product is first-class, and you’re very good at listening and assuring the client is 100-percent satisfied.