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Four Author Website Essentials

VQ Staff - Monday, June 27, 2016

An author's passion is writing, but having a website for publishers, readers, and everyone else can see is a great way to have a central place to show off your work. An author may have a good website, but what makes a GREAT author website? Here are 4 essentials:

  • Books
This may seem pretty obvious, but an author should have their books readily available on their website, right? An author's website should have every title that they have ever released along with a cover, synopsis, a link to purchase, and reviews. Having a link to purchase is a HUGE element to this component of the website! People are way more likely to buy the book if it is easily available to them, rather than hunting it down online or at the store themselves! Surprisingly, many authors don't have all of their books on their website - which is unfortunate since new readers may not realize there is more for them to read!

  • Social Media Links

If an author has an author Facebook page, GoodReads profile, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. then linking the accounts to the website will make it easier for website users to like or follow them on social media, but it also allows readers to know what the author's official account is - this can be especially useful if the author has a common name or does not have a verified social media account.

  • Blog
As we've mentioned before, an author's passion is writing... and blogs are a great place to show off even more of that passion at any moment the author wants to share! Blogs can help maximize the time users spend on the website, but they also allow users to read updates, learn more about the author's life, hear about upcoming events or book tours, and anything else the author wants to share!

  • About/Contact Page
Readers love learning more about their favorite authors. Chances are, if they like your books, you might share other similar interests! Having a "Contact Me" form or an email address readily available is an important part of this page as well since this will help fellow authors connect for collaboration, publishers and agents if they want to connect, or the media if they want an interview, copies of the book, etc.


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