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VQ Staff - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Deciding which social media platforms to use is an important part of successfully marketing your books. Using the platforms that your fans are on is the first step. Instagram is one of the most visual of the platforms and is most popular with millennials. With the image as the main focal point of each post, photos that grab a users attention make for the most engaging posts. As an author, here are a few fun ways to utilize Instagram:

1. Document the writing process

  • Readers and fans are always wanting to know about your day to day activities as you write your book. With the brand new Instagram Stories, you can give your followers a behind the scenes look at your typical day without filling up their feeds. Instagram Stories, very similar to Snapchat Stories, last for 24 hours and live at the top of the Instagram feed. They were introduced as a way to prevent over-posting and are a perfect way to document and share your writing process with your Instagram followers.

2. Cover/illustration sneak peek

  • Sneak peeks are always exciting to people! Whether it be the unveiling of the cover, a part of an illustration, or even a short snippet flipping through the book, this is sure to get readers interested!

3. Cover contest

  • Can't decide between two cover designs? Let your followers help you! By engaging readers in the process, they'll become more invested in your work.

4. Showcase your other passions and hobbies

  • If you have a loyal group of fans who enjoy your writing, chances are they might even have similar passions and hobbies! Opening up about the things you do when you're not writing is a great way to connect with your followers!

5. Outreach to other authors and readers

  • Social media is a great tool to connect with people all over the world! By connecting and following other authors and readers, you'll stay up to date with what's current in the industry and hear more about what other authors are up to.

6. Use relevant hashtags

  • Don't have a ton of followers on Instagram? Use relevant hashtags to get your pictures seen! Need help getting started? Here are a few popular hashtags used for writers: #WriterWednesday, #AmReading, #AmWriting, #AmEditing, #AuthorsOfInstagram, and #Bookstagram.

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