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Self-Publishing Tips From An Author

VQ Staff - Tuesday, May 31, 2016

You know your end goal when you're writing a book - getting it published! However, for first-time authors, navigating the publishing world can be a struggle. In a post from imgur, first-time author Arsalan Ahmed answered user questions about his journey to self-publish his first book. He said that his book took him three months to write and a few weeks to edit, but the rest of the year was focused on figuring out how to self-publish.

One of the #1 questions he was asked was what expenses he encountered in order to sell his book. In his experience, he said, "ISBN: 300 | Front cover: 250 | Sleeve: 149 | editing: 2450. Those are the main expenses. I had a kickstarter so had some print commitments. You will incur additional costs to order your proof and such. Some other costs include getting mobi files made, getting help with uploading stuff to createspace and kdp but I decided to do all that by myself."

With questions wondering if the book turned out like he had imagined, he wrote, "I was pleasantly surprised that I stuck to the themes but shocked at how story elements showed up I hadn't originally thought about.  The editor of course pointed out things which fundamentally forces you to rethink everything you've done. The hardest part is realizing that even though you've told the story a certain way, you have an encyclopedia of knowledge about the universe in your head that never makes it into the book. It is hard for you to separate what you wrote and what is in your head. Editors don't have that luxury and it became important for me to incorporate her changes in, even if I did not like it because she was ultimately right."

When asked for advice on how to self-publish, he said, "Get yourself the free audible subscription trial . download the audio version of A.P.E. by Guy Kawasaki. It was of tremendous help. If you plan on publishing through Amazon, you do not necessarily need ISBN numbers but if you decide to go that route, buy 10. If you are in the US, use Booker ("

For his full question and answer on imgur, click here.

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