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Hook, Line, and Reader

VQ Staff - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In a reddit forum asking, "How long do books usually take to hook you?", the answered vastly varied. While some people said they gave up on the book if they weren't hooked in the first chapter, others gave it so much as 150 pages to determine if they would continue reading.

With that, it is concluded that hooking your reader as fast as possible is essential for them continuing to read your work! Here are 4 ways to hook your readers from the get-go:

1. Begin at a pivotal moment

By beginning with a twist or a quick change in direction, the reader will feel more inclined to learn the reason for the change. A surprise in storyline in the first few pages can be interesting - though make sure your pivotal moment makes sense and readers will be able to follow!

2. Introduce an intriguing character

Describing the quirks or the inner-thoughts of a main character or the relationship between two characters can draw readers in. Character details are good, just don't drone on in detail, there will be plenty of time for the character's actions to be explained later in the novel!

3. Open with action

Starting your book right in the middle of a huge moment of the character's life is exciting for the reader! Whether it be a big fight, a critical thirty seconds, or a life-altering decision, the reader will want to know what sparked this change and how it effects the character moving forward in the book!

4. Flash forward

A foreshadowing of events to come later in the book can make the reader keep reading just to see what happens to lead up that plot point. A flash forward of a traumatic or climatic event to come can make the reader want to dig in and figure out the backstory behind it all!


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