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Authors on Social Media

VQ Staff - Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Nearly every business you know has a website and some sort of social media account today - whether it is a Facebook page, a Twitter or Instagram account, and more, there are SO many options available to connect with consumers! In today's world, a business needs to stay relevant and easily accessible to consumers in order for the best chance of earning sales and gaining loyal customers! Now, as an author, your writing is your business - you are an authorpreneur! Not only is it important to write compelling storylines and characters, but marketing your work and yourself to engage readers is important! After all, you do want your work to be read! Lucky for you, it's easier than it ever has been to connect with your readers by utilizing social media! recently wrote a blog with some ideas on How Successful Authors Use Social Media. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Share a Quote

Posting a quote from your book (either an upcoming release or an older one), can spark excitement and curiosity from fans - both new ones and loyal readers! Don't know which quote to post? Ask your readers! They'll tell you their favorite passages!

2. Answer Fan Questions

Whether you do a Facebook Q&A or answer questions on GoodReads, this is an easy way to let readers read a little more insight into the characters and book, while at the same time engaging with them!

3. Show Off Your Passions

If your fans are interested in your writing, chances are they share your similar hobbies and interests! Share articles, pictures, and videos that interest you and showcase your personality and let your readers get to know you! Learning about the author behind their favorite books is a great way for readers to become more invested in all of your books and future books!

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